Refer Friend Earn $FWT
Invite friends to join the Fwar Finance community and you will get rewards

Referral Rules:

Step 1: Refer Friends

Access https://fwar.app/referral to get your referral link
Share your referral link with your friends

Step 2: Earn $FWT

Get your referral reward when your friends start opening chest
Referral Bonus:
Open Chest
The first 10 chests
$1 $FWT/key
The next chest
$0.5 $FWT/key
Step 3: Withdraw
Withdraw a minimum of $20 $FWT every time.


  • Expiry date to get your referral reward from the trading of friend: 1 month
  • Referral rewards will be distributed every week.
  • Your referral reward is a minimum of $20 $FWT, you will be withdrawn
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