Standard JackPot
The rule of the No-Loss pot is that the user locks the tokens, and the supported tokens are the same as the stakeable assets. The platform uses this pot locked tokens for mining, draws prizes when expired, returns the locked tokens to the user, and randomly selects 1 user or 1-5 users to obtain all the mining rewards.

Pot cycle

The Pot cycle is 7 days. In this period, the first day the user places a bet (lock-up), after placing the bet, mining starts automatically, and the lock-up ends on the 7th day for profit settlement and lottery draws. After the lock is over, the user needs to exit or re-bet their funds manually.

Making Bets

The contract provides an interface for users to make bets in limited time.

Pot Mining

The contract automatically uses the user's locked assets for mining, and the mining logic is consistent with PoS mining. After the expiration, the lock is released until the user manually withdraws the funds and proceeds to the prize pool address, and the mining ends.

Pot Draws

Draw rules: At the end of pot, one user is randomly selected as the winner based on the combined weight of the number of tokens contributed by the user to the lottery prize pool multiplied by the speed multiple (S) and the historical multiple (H).

Rewards Distribution

The bonus is mining income, and there may be multiple asset forms, and the user needs to manually collect it.