Mining Camp
In Fwar Finance, we have ways to give rewards and profits to users. Mining Camp of Fwar Finance is getting $FWT daily by passive income thus users could stake their cards and wait for it to rocket up.
Step 1: Go to [My Card] and choose cards that you want to stake to get profit and then click [Stake]
Note: Your Cards still could use to combat.
Step 2: Click Mining Icon to stake
Click Mining Icon to stake
Step 3: Click [Stake]
Click [Stake]
Step 4: Confirm gas fee
Click [ Confirm ]
Step 5: Successful Staking

Check Daily Profit

After you finished staking, you go to [Mining Camp] to check your hash power and your $FWT.
Your FWT will increase each minute thus you will realize mining camp which is the best way to earn NFTs.

When you have just seen your $FWT that is enough to withdraw, you would click [Claim].

Daily reward board