Market view & evaluation

The NFT game market is a potential new market, where improved and integrated games with blockchain platform help players have new experiences and especially can earn profits by playing games. ( play to earn ) Currently, most of the NFT games are focusing on play to earn, so we have researched and created FWar with the idea from the Plant and Zombie game to give players a healthy, necessary gaming environment. must use thinking to be able to win and get the reward

Existing problems

NFT Game is a new direction so the community is not built from traditional game players but mostly from crypto traders. This limits the development ability of the FWar community. We are on the journey to build our own community of FWar, so it is quite difficult to convey information to the player community. However, we are still doing our best to grow the community of FWar. The variety of character sets and attributes will also make it difficult for players when they first join FWar, so players need to spend some time researching and experiencing to fully understand the operating principles of FWar.


With a team of experienced and highly qualified devs, along with a 24/7 player support system, we are confident to help players have a great experience when participating in FWar even for those who have never been in contact. with blockchain. We always keep in mind that to judge a project's success or not, the first thing to look at is its community. That's why the core of FWar is to build a friendly community that can compete, entertain and earn profits without spending too much money.
Last modified 9mo ago